Industrial and minimal chic style

The whole concept is conceived based on an architecture respectful of the places where the hotel is and operates, interacting with them and listening closely to their genius loci. This explains the origin of the main colour, green as the olive trees, and of the materials, where dominating is the olive tree wood: the olive tree, the Mediterranean plant par excellence, is the leading tread of the furnishings, either in the common areas and inside the rooms. Main types of rooms: deluxe, superior, standard, providing all comforts, 2 km far from the historical city centre.

The throbbing heart of the Hotel Aloisi is the Bistrot Kilo, a modern environment with an innovative concept, lively and adjusted to the quality, exquisiteness and healthiness criteria in all the choices provided, so that all the senses will experience the discovery of the most authentic salentino cuisine.

Special Offers